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Our beers
lizard ales

An Gof (5.2% ABV)
Available in cask and bottle. We brew An Gof using a complex mixture of malts. As with all of our beers the main ingredient is Maris Otter Pale Malt – but with An Gof we use large amounts of other, slower fermenting malts. They include - crystal malt, which gives a rich toffee-ish note; Munich malt, which gives a darker shade; Chocolate malt, which used in small amounts gives an unmistakable flavour of dark chocolate; and the special ingredient which gives An Gof its unique flavour, Smoked Malt, giving a hint of pipe smoke to the finished brew. The predominant hop is Goldings.
Frenchman’s Creek ( 4.6% ABV )
Available in cask and bottle The style of beer which is nowadays called India Pale Ale was developed in the 19th century when brewers discovered two things – first that ships carrying materials to England from India were often sailing back empty, making the carriage from England to India cheap; and second, that hops were a natural preservative. So India Pale Ales were developed: bottled beers brewed strong and with lots of hops, allowing them to survive the long hot trip to India. Our Frenchman’s Creek is a modern-day version – 4.8%, pale tan in colour and brewed with bucketfuls of hops!
Lizard Bitter (4.2% ABV)

Available in cask and bottle. Designed as a simple, classic session bitter – lashings of crystal malt give rich, toffee-ish malt flavours. The hops used are almost all Fuggles, which give a gentle bitterness and aromas of pears, apples and raisins.

Kernow Gold (3.7% ABV)

Available in bottle only. A light, golden ale. Crisp and refreshing, the malts used are Maris Otter Pale Malt with a touch of Amber Malt which gives a biscuity note. Challenger and Fuggles hops, finished off with Styrian Goldings which give fresh citrus flavours.

Helford River (3.6% ABV)

Available in cask only. Often, the problem with lower gravity beers is that they can taste weak and insipid. So we use the richest malts and the most expensive and aromatic hops to pack this, our weakest beer, with flavour. Crystal and Amber malts give a rich colour and big malty flavour. Goldings and Styrian Goldings hops give an intensely fruity taste and aroma.